Trippermap Features

map sizes

Any size you want
Change the size of your Trippermap just by changing the width and height in the HTML code on your website.
map colours

Custom colours
Create a custom colour scheme to match your website design. Any of the map layers like roads, lakes, and cities can be turned on and off as well as given a custom colour.
map speed

1000+ locations
Ever tried to use Google maps with more than a hundred locations? It crawls! Because Trippermap sticks to good old Flash it can easily handle 1000+ locations.
map detail

Global detail
Trippermap is based on VMAP0 which means you get city, road, lake and region detail for the whole world.
Examples of people's maps

Beat Muttenzer's flash photomap
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Will Davies Cycling Challenge
My own little world
The travels of chris and jacci
Blake Ramick
Living la vida
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