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Big push on v3 this week, follow the progress on Twitter

Monday 19th of April 2010,

At long last I've been able to put aside 3 full days on Trippermap v3 this week. I'm hoping to get an alpha version far enough along this week to start getting people to test the new code. It's a complete rewrite from scratch as the current version is now 6 years old and things have moved along. It's funny to think I built the current version before Google Maps existed. Really looking forward to revisiting how the entire process works and will be simplifying things down to their bare minimum to start with. The focus of the new version will be more niche, it's really just for documenting travel photos and will revolve around the holiday itinerary as the starting point for laying out route lines and attaching photos and video.

Let me know if you would like to help test the new version. Send through your suggestions and requests please.

You can follow progress on the beta and I'll post progress on twitter as it unfolds.

v3 twitter

Version 3 Beta Site

Monday 20th of July 2009, Mark

I've been making some good progress on version 3 of Trippermap in the last week. You can watch the progress on the beta site. Still a way to go but I'll be looking for beta testers soon... send me an email if your keen to help track down bugs in the new version and influence development so you get the features you want.

beta, v3

Version 3 Development

Friday 6th of March 2009, Mark Zeman

I've finally started proper development on version 3 of Trippermap. Click the image above to see the full detail.

The focus for the next version will be on visualizing travel photography.

Please post your feedback and thoughts in the forum


Testing new map engine

Wednesday 16th of May 2007, Mark Zeman

I've started experimenting with a new map engine for the next version of Trippermap. Modest Maps has released a beta version of their tile based map engine that allows you to switch between all the major map providers on the web.

Map Engine

Have a play with the demo engine which allows you to switch between the map providers and see what sort of detail they provide for your part of the world.

Once you've tried out the various map providers let me know which you prefer in the poll below.

google yahoo microsoft maps

Google Earth network link updated

Monday 7th of May 2007, Mark Zeman

The Google Earth link within Trippermap now points to a network link rather than a list of your photos. This means every time you open Google Earth your latest Trippermap photos are displayed. In the "get your map" section there's also a direct link to your Trippermap KML file so you can email it to friends or put it on your website.


Ogle Earth have also done a write up on using Google Earth to view your Flickr photos. It's a great blog for finding useful tools for Google Earth and discovering amazing places and events photographed by the Google Earth satellites.

google earth

New Geonames location engine

Wednesday 2nd of May 2007, Mark Zeman

I've updated the adding locations tool. It now cross checks the city you're adding against the 2.2 million city names stored at Geonames. You then get to double check the location on Google Maps before it's added to Trippermap's list of city names. This should help avoid the odd location that was being entered with incorrect latitudes or longitudes.

The add location tool allows Premium Trippermap subscribers to add custom locations to their maps


geonames locations city tags

SEOmoz's Web 2.0 awards honorable mention

Tuesday 28th of March 2006, Mark Zeman

Trippermap received an honorable mention in the mapping section of the 2006 SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards.

"Since Google and Yahoo launched their open-API maps, customizable mapping applications have spread like wildfire. So much so, in fact, that we had to give sites and mash ups specializing in the use of these (and other) map interfaces their own category. We reviewed sites that map practically everything: workout centers, Flickr photos, blogs, packages, weather, and more."